Jackson Foltyn Awakens East Texas with a Blaze of Talents!

Behind the Pine Curtain of East Texas, is where one will find the legendary Antique Capital that magnetizes collectors from all over the world and flocks many to the famed historical Opry house. Celebrities, such as Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash performed on its stage, along with some of Nashville’s stars. And if you listen carefully to the historians and keepers of the small-town secrets, you’ll soon discover that Gladewater is where Johnny Cash felt the urge to scribble the words to his single hit, I Walk the Line.

Gladewater is a perpetual magnet of fame and exceeds its gold rush days during the famous oil boom. In fact, just over a year ago, lightning streaked across the East Texas sky and changed everything within its city limits. It was the earth-shaking thunder of local gossip. The hair-raising news of disbelief. The legendary Opry had sold and was purchased by the famed New Yorker, Jackson Foltyn, the famous choreographer, signer, writer, actor, and the list of talents rolled on faster than the train that passes before its doors.

Quickly afterward, the Opry morphed into greater beauty, enhancing its heritage within its legendary walls, a transformation spilling outward with colorful strobes of brilliant lights showcasing Jackson’s Theatre. The doors swung open for the first performance, and I was there, seated on the second row. And just like that, my chest was an accordion, squeezing in and out, a drum roll pounding as Jack Foltyn belted out the first song and then the second. He was electrifying and downright life changing. The after-effects of his performance are forever melted into my soul— hot lava of Pompeii, cooled and molded. I will never be the same.

Jackson Fotlyn, you are a lightning bolt, a tsunami, a mega-star, and an extraordinaire of multi-talents…all plugged into a 220 amp. The truth is, I haven’t recovered from your last show. It was you who morphed into Elvis with a sultry smile. Have mercy, you took me to near-fatal exhaustion when my serotonin level almost exploded! Surely, by the time I race back to your next performance, the neurotransmitters within my brain will have dwindled down to normal. Yes, I knew, all of the excitement was escalated from your voice, your moves…it brought on rapid heart palpations beating inside my chest and a flood of perspiration dotting my face like a broken sprinkler, and… my eyes. They were dilated and stretched all the way to… your feet. You smoked the stage like Liberace, and your blue suede shoes blazed with fire. The thought of reliving your performance has me… all shook up. Madonna Mia…you are amazing!

I’d be remiss not to mention your brilliant writing and directing skills in the Broadway spin-off of Greater Tuna and Trailer Park Christmas. Once again, within minutes of your magnificent performance, you morphed into the character of Joe Bob Cooter, which ignited the urge for me to jump from my seat and hop on the stage. Then, there was Roy and Agnus, and all the actors. The talents of the cast were magnificent. Jack Foltyn, you are the total package of talents. You possess the voice of Elvis and his electrifying dance moves; you’re a natural-born actor and director. Where does it stop? Reviewing your endless talents is near impossible. You are, truly, one in a million and still… blessed with more. Thank you, Jackson Foltyn. You are greatly loved!

By: Stephanie Chance, International Bestselling Author – Mamma Mia! trilogy.

Jackson’s Cozy Theatre is a beautiful historic theatre in downtown Gladewater, Texas that is transforming before my very eyes. From the new and impressive marquee illuminating the entrance to the original theatre, to the newly renovated, remodeled, and rejuvenated lobby, stage, roof, new carpeting, air conditioning and balcony, this jewel is quickly becoming “the place to be” on Show-Nights!

And that is just the beginning. The new website is about to be launched and the “old” balcony is about to become Jackson’s Speakeasy Lounge, a one of a kind private membership and subscriber venue also with live music.

Year one brought in owner, Jackson Foltyn, a bountiful bundle of enthusiastic charming energy, entertainer extraordinaire, visionary, and outstanding musical artist and director. He is a “Graceland Approved” Elvis Tribute Artist, and his Elvis show is something special you won’t forget.

He is an incredibly gifted entertainer, musician and artist on his own and he is bringing in not only his own outstanding Elvis, Rat Pack and original shows but also an abundance of other musical talent, various bands, plays, comedians, tribute artists, and magicians.

I am a Platinum Subscriber and come as often as I can. Jackson is fun and welcoming and the evening is filled with talented entertainers, laughter and great high quality shows. I highly recommend Jackson’s Cozy Theatre.—–Cyndie Bertrand

I absolutely love that we have such amazing entertainment right here in Gladewater, Texas! Talented singer, actor, and comedian at times, Jack Foltyn is an entertainer who has it all. He has created quite a remarkable venue for our East Texas area. Jackson’s Cozy Theater features many different genres of musical entertainment, and the setting is in a beautifully remodeled 1930’s theater! The atmosphere is just what any theater patron would love, a “cozy theater” with “amazing entertainment”! Add a pre-show beverage and a great evening surely awaits!!—- Cathy Shipp

Since Jackson’s Theatre opened, Jack Foltyn has presented numerous shows. A Valentine’s show featured him, a Graceland approved Elvis tribute artist, with a live band. His vocal performance is stellar and his dance moves are enticing! The energy he exudes on stage is captivating and the presentation of scarves to lucky ladies, always a part of an Elvis show, adds to the fun. Jack’s Night and Day show is a tribute to the Rat Pack era. Jack, Gary Eoff and Pete Gerbine presents well-known songs, once again with a live band….songs you sing along with. This show is mixed with humor and again great dance moves! Another production was the play “Love Letters” starring Jack Foltyn and Cindy Dotson…an emotional play that makes you smile, laugh and cry. These are just a few examples of shows you can see at Jackson’s Theatre.
When coming to a show at Jackson’s Theatre, you will experience a renovated theatre with an enlarged, two level stage; however, it still has a historical feel.
Join Jack and the performers in the lobby after the show for a meet and greet.
Come make an appearance at one of the upcoming shows…once you attend, you will be back for more!—– Durinda Gardner




Where do I begin! Jack Foltyn connects and engages the audience throughout his performance. I was blown away by his incredible stage presence. He wanted the crowd to be a part of his performance and boy were we. He had us on our feet! His enthusiasm was contagious. With the first note along with the first dance move, the house gasp, then went wild. You knew you were in for a megastar performance. His approach through the whole performance went from being at a “show” to being part of something very intimate as if you were with a crowd of friends. Jack Foltyn is a true entertainer, and this was just my first show I went to! I have since been back for many other shows and just amazed at how he is all in on his performances and leaves everything on the stage. He is so committed to the crowd and is genuinely sincere in everyone having a good time. He is intense and committed to his performances, from Elvis to Rat Pack to his plays that he produces and acts in. A must see. His amazing performances will wow you and you too will become a fan of the talented and entertaining Jack Foltyn Looking forward to many more great shows at Jackson’s Theatre.—– Lana Niemann

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