We’re on a mission to change the world…one Roxy Room at a time!

What’s a Roxy Room?  We’re glad you asked!

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When you know Jackson Foltyn, you know that the most important person in his life is his beautiful daughter ROXY.  

Beautiful ROXY . . .Roxy has the gift of Autism.    As a parent of an Autistic child, this gave him the unexpected gift of a special understanding and patience and a reason to make a difference. 

In this quest, the ROXY ROOM PROJECT is born.  He found that children with Autism or anxiety issues did not have a safe place to go to during school hours.

Children with autism or anxiety issues are often thought to be bad behavior children while, in reality, they react differently to their surroundings such as noise, light, certain colors or touch. Communication doesn’t always come easy.  This can be challenging for the child, the teachers, and the other children around them.  

When these children have a reaction, they need a safe place to go to make the transition back to a calm state, thus was born The Roxy Room, a sensory room where children can go to refocus.  This room will have the much-needed sensory tools and items in a safe structured designated area that creates a lower stress environment for the child. 

Autistic children are hypersensitive and can get overstimulated very quickly, but they also have such a gift and should be granted the same opportunities to thrive and socialize and The Roxy Room makes this possible. Being able to socialize in a typical setting but know that when needed there is a room for their safety and the safety of others.

It is Jack’s mission to raise funds needed to have a Roxy Room wherever needed. He is in a unique position to have fundraisers through his theatre, Jackson’s Theatre, Gladewater, Texas, along, with volunteers, mentors, and community support. All proceeds will go towards The Roxy Room Project.  Jack has been a part of many autistic benefits and fundraisers in the past.

It is Jack’s vision to fundraise for local schools then expand this success nationally into every school across the country that is underserved and does not have the proper funding to address this issue and change lives.   

The Roxy Room is 501C3 pending nonprofit organization with a board of directors consisting of teachers, business owners, community leaders and mentors.

Your donation of any amount helps provide the needed supplies, tools, and staff for the sensory rooms.  If you would like to join our mission in benefiting children with Autism and children on a spectrum, please click the donation button or for more information you can contact us.

Our Mission

It is Jack’s mission to be able to create a Roxy Room wherever there is a need. 

The goal is to have a Roxy Room in every school across the country that is under-served and lacking  proper funding. 

Our vision is to raise money for local schools before expanding  nationally.  

Jackson has been a part of many autism benefits and fundraisers in the past, and he is now in a very unique position to be able to raise funds alongside volunteers, mentors, and community members through his theatre in downtown Gladewater, Texas. 

All fundraising proceeds will go towards 

The Roxy Room Project

as well as a portion of the proceeds from every ticket sold for theatre events.

The Roxy Room Project will change lives!



Roxy Room is a sensory space for individuals with sensory processing disorder and other behavioral/emotional difficulties. 

It is designed to be used in a proactive manner in order to help individuals develop coping skills and learn to self-regulate the brain’s response to stimuli, thus helping regulate emotions. This can be extremely beneficial in many different settings.

The human brain is designed to regulate how we react to sensory inputs — everything we hear, see, smell, taste and touch. This link between the brain and our behavior is called “sensory integration.” For most people, this is an unconscious part of the daily experience. But for an individual with a developmental disorder, such as autism or a sensory processing disorder, the way the brain processes these experiences can be a source of distress and discomfort.

While many people are familiar with the use of sensory rooms for those on the autism spectrum, they can also be utilized for individuals with cerebral palsy and Down syndrome. Time in a sensory room helps improve visual, auditory and tactile processing, as well as fine and gross motor skills. 

Sensory processing disorder can cause a variety of behaviors, such as meltdowns, fighting, spinning, rocking or hand-flapping, as well as problems with information processing and cognitive and physical development. This can be very overwhelming for students, which is why sensory rooms can be especially beneficial for behavioral difficulties within the school setting. Sensory rooms are pivotal components in helping children and people with disabilities experience the pleasure of play, find comfort and improve their sensory processing skills.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.